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Security CAD

Digital modeling of information security systems for design and operation phases

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Kaspersky Security CAD — a tool for creating digital models of information security systems


Significant reduction in the development time of an information security system


Updating information requires minimal time and effort


Сentralized storage of all data related to the information security system


Help in analyzing and responding to incidents

Why Kaspersky Security CAD?

Security CAD is a new way of quickly and effectively creating an information security system, with the consolidation of all collected data in a digital model that’s kept up to date with minimal effort.

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Reduce the time and resources spent on developing information security systems, automate routine operations and focus on those areas that require your expertise.

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Classical approach to cybersecurity design

  • Information is collected about the object that needs to be protected from various sources
  • Consolidation and analysis of collected information
  • Development of a threat and intruder model
  • Formation of protective measures and drafting of project documentation

The result of these activities is quite static — any change to the object data requires a lot of time and labor costs, comparable to a new project.

Схема работы

Digital information security model

The use of Security CAD creates a digital knowledge base of the project.

  • All collected data are translated into a machine-readable and human-readable format, making it possible to exchange data with other software as well as databases, for example, Mitre.
  • The algorithms in SCAD allow you to automatically generate a model of threats and intruders, and design solutions as a set of documents, meaning an expert simply has to check and correct ready-made documents without wasting time on routine operations.
  • You don’t need to make changes to all the documents if corrections have to be made; correcting data in the digital model will change all related data in the corresponding documents and SCAD modules.
Схема работы

SCAD automatically generates threats and countermeasures models as well as required documentation, which the expert simply needs to check and approve.

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